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2 pièces Super Mini Classe D À Faible Bruit Amplificateur Audio 2*3 W Double Canal Stéréo Numérique USB Powershare

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Revue par Wxxxy (US)
I did not have high expectations for this device. Very small and delicate. I had to purchase it because I found out a set of inexpensive computer speakers I ordered from a different vendor were crossed wired on one channel only as mono. Not even true mono, let alone stereo! The circuit in these pair of speakers was designed for stereo but lacked the few components to make it work. Very poor design, the vendors description of course never mentioned this, crooked. I installed this circuit over the top of the other and crossed my fingers. It worked great! The audio level is very good for its size and bandwidth response fair. It actually was much better than I expected and worked perfectly for my needs. Not fancy or high fidelity, but perfect for a background monitor. Easy to install, works very good. Thank you! It saved my project.
détails du produit

Détails de l'article

  • Puissance maximale Par Canal: 10W
  • Numéro du modèle: FT232RL
  • Chaînes: 2 (2,0)
  • Paquet: Oui
  • Nom de la marque: tongboxin
  • Type: Mini Amplifier
Description du produit

Paramètre de produit:

DC: 3 ~ 5 V

Puissance de sortie: 3 W + 3 W

Signal à la radio de bruit: 90db

Efficacité:> 90%

Taille: 21.5x18mm



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4.8 / 5