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Nébuleuse l rideau bleu de ciel bleu de l'Italie en crochet de rideau en agrafe de rideau en boucle magnétique de la marque IBC plus de 100

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Nébuleuse l rideau bleu de ciel bleu de l'Italie en crochet de rideau en agrafe de rideau en boucle magnétique de la marque IBC plus de 100
China (Mainland)
Détails de l''objet
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  • Baby description:

  • Italian curtain buckle is a famous Italian designer Antonio home as a masterpiece. The product not only has the traditional curtain hooks, curtain buckle, hanging curtains and other products of the function, but also more convenient and elegant appearance.

  • Italian curtain buckle straps feature practical applications of display:

    Icon explanations:

  • 1, as a curtain hook, curtain buckle Italian because it is magnetic. So, with up curtain is easy to put something more easily removed to change and wash. With the Italian curtain buckle, you can put your favorite casual fabric used as curtains.

    2, as a curtain hanging, Italian curtain buckle can help you out very easily fixed Commoner you want the general pattern. And the Italian side curtain buckles are high resin production, full of tricks, decorative good performance. Can also change your curtains endless Oh!

    3, as the curtain buckle, which is used by Chinese people we straps, Italian curtain buckle even more in handy! It allows you to do anything to earn seat curtain on what seat; think how much on how much. Even better, it has good magnetic properties, you do not need, such as markets, like those curtains deduction, but also tied to, ah, ah deduction of.

  • Baby Description:

    Blue Nebula this paragraph Italian micro-sphere-like curtains round buckle, weight 28 grams, diameter of 4CM, thick 2.4CM. Smooth surface moist, bright distinguished: the clouds of blue color block as the heritage, beautiful with shiny silver pentacle and gold foil, then wrapped in pure transparent color!! Magnet size 15MM * 2MM, ribbon length 25CM, W 1.4CM .

  • Brand: IBC

    This is a product from Italy - curtain buckle

    It not only make your home more decorative Road Highlights

    More convenient to save valuable time in your life

    More to improve your quality of life perfect

    It is hot, Italy, Japan, Western Europe

    We are the manufacturer of this product in China

    Curtain effect using the map:

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